ANO MDTS launched an advertising project on the eve of the 85th anniversary of the Metro.

February 15, the first stage of the city project Metro is People was launched, dedicated to one of the main transport events of this year – the 85th anniversary of the Moscow metro. Themed posters appeared on 50 media screens and in 5 different formats on the streets of Moscow.
The main priority of the metro is people: citizens, tourists, metro lovers, as well as experts whose lives are connected with the design, construction, organization, and provision of passenger transportation.
The posters have faces of people of different ages and professions. The concept behind the design is to tell the story of metro passengers and remind city residents of the anniversary of the most popular mode of public transport, which will be celebrated in Moscow on May 15.
«The Moscow metro takes on 56% of all Moscow passengers. Over a year, the Moscow metro carries about 2.5 billion people – about a third of the World's population. The project Metro is People tells about millions of passengers who take the metro every day, as well as the tens of thousands of employees who work in the professional team of the metro. The Moscow metro is publicly accessible and open to everyone.
Thematic posters of the Project Metro is People will decorate central streets of Moscow. They will be installed on regular and digital billboards of city sites.